Communities say no to waste to energy incinerators

The North Coast Environment Council supports efforts of community groups on the North Coast, the Blue Mountains and the Southern Tablelands to stop the hazardous Waste to Energy Incinerators (W2Es) proposed to open in NSW.

Casino's Richmond Valley Jobs Precinct  in the Richmond Valley is named as a potential site by the NSW EPA.  




These incinerators have been found to have disastrous health impacts on communities and emit huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, microplastic pollution, persistent organic pollutants and hazardous ash waste – they are environmental disasters, do nothing to solve our waste problem and have no place in our communities.

Communities on the frontlines need your help to bring this issue to the attention of Government – 20,000 signatures by 9th of April!

Stop Waste to Energy incinerators in NSW

Follow this link and sign the petition now and support this community-led campaign and put a stop to W2Es in NSW!



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