Australia is coming out of a long economic ride based on the mining resource sector.  Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our world right now and the majority of Australian's are for action on climate change and protecting our water, air and food security.  The landscape is changing where farmers who were once at odds with conservation groups are now found side by side when it comes to protecting our water, air and agricultural heritage.   This tremendous movement where communities from all walks of life are coming together and using democratic processes to realise the best possible solutions to multi-national corporations from determining our future is truly inspiring.

At our last AGM in December, the North Coast Environment Council awarded the Bentley Gatekeepers and the Northern Rivers community with The Triumph Over Greed (TOGA) Award.  Local legend, Ian Gaillard accepted the award on behalf of the Northern Rivers Community.





Christine Coastes from Bungawalbin Landcare, Dean Draper CSG Free Northern Rivers, Ian Gaillard Lock the Gate and Rosemary Joseph from the Bentley Gatekeepers admire the NCEC TOGA Award Trophy.

The success of concerted efforts from the groups listed below are known around the world for the best in effective environmental lobbying.  The campaign is not over with Metgasco still wanting to explore in the North Coast so please stay tuned for updates here and follow the groups below.



Blicks River Guardians



Gasfield Free Northern Rivers



Groundswell Gloucester



Lock the Gate Alliance



 Lock the Mid North Coast


Below is a harsh reminder of the Northern Rivers community commitment in sacrificing our dignity, economic productivity and quality time with family in order to protect our way of life.  Over the past several years, many have been fighting for the region to remain Gasfield Free.  The Northern Rivers have hard working people of all walks of life vocalising their opinion to pay attention and act on the many critical environmental issues we are facing today.


Glenugie Blockade poster design by Simon Harman, photo by Jimmy Malecki

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