The North Coast Environment Council was formed in 1976 and has a long history in supporting communities in understanding and protecting the natural environment around them.  We do on ground scientific surveys using independent scientists to study the state of our environment.  NCEC members are actively working on the ground improving habitat through bush regeneration, monitoring of threatened species like the coastal emu and our vulnerable koala.  Our members are important in the work they do and all the information we gather we supply to those in position to make informed decisions that affect the environment around us.  This is crucial in protecting our threatened species and complex ecosystems and improving the native habitat around us.

The North Coast Environment Council can not be effective without all the good members we have out there doing a wide range of positive actions for our environment on the North Coast.  Please visit our Members Group page and have a look at the breadth of information that volunteer groups are doing to keep the North Coast as biodiverse as it is.  Working together, we can make a real difference to whether we bring out threatened species back from the brink of extinction and improve our water, soil and air quality. All this work is great for our economy as well.  Tourism, renewable energy and permaculture design in development and agriculture could be a great economic and living future for the North Coast.  Please join us in our efforts to make this happen.

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