Picnic for Nature


The North Coast Environment Council is excited to host a 'Picnic for Nature.'

The Picnic is about celebrating the natural beauty of your local area and connecting with community. But it’s more than just a fun day of getting out and enjoying nature. It’s a chance to get together and make plans to protect nature and take urgent action on climate change.  Coming out of the Black Summer/Covid/North Coast Floods fog, the North Coast Environment Council is excited to be actively seeking individual and member groups to join the NCEC and let us know what issues your groups are passionate about.  The NCEC is the peer group on the North Coast lobbying for better outcomes for our natural environment.  

This will be our first Picnic for Nature in conjunction with other Nature Conservation Groups around the state.  It's hosted by NCEC secrectary Jimmy Malecki at The Bog Conservation Area.  The Bog Conservation Area is a 100 acre property next to the Bundjalung State Conservation Area.  It is also home to the NCC's Large Forest Owl and Safe Havens Projects.  There are walking tracks throughout the property to explore and you might even see a Coastal Emu as they are active at The Bog.  Other threatened species that visit The Bog are glossy black cockatoos, squirrel gliders,Brush-tailed phascogales, little lorikeet and many others.

At 11:30 we will have a acknowledgement of country and introduction to The Bog Conservation Area by Jimmy Malecki.  Following this brief intro, NCEC President Jim Morrison will give an introduction to the North Coast Environment Council, inc.  

Pete Knock, head of the Nature Conservation Council's Large Forest Owl, Bobcat and Safe Haven's projects based out of The Bog with give a presentation about the projects.  This project started before the 2019 Black Summer Fires and keeps evolving through the challenges of fires, covid and the 2022 floods.   The data this project is able to obtain through the help of landholders is so valuable in learning the state of not only our Large Forest Owls but other threatened species. 

You can view this project on the NCC's Large Forest Owl page: https://www.nature.org.au/owls_project


Pete Knock - Nature Conservation Council

We'll then go for a 2km walk on a track that goes through most of the conservation area.  Please bring clothes for walking in bush.  Everything is active now that we're having warmer days.  Hats, pants, shoes, sunscreen etc.

After the guided walk, lunch will be a barbecue in the camp kitchen with vegetarian and meat options. Please feel free to bring your own special dish to contribute to the table. We hope you can make it to share what you and your groups are passionate about so we can come together with ideas and actions.  Please RSVP using the NCC portal: 

Date: 21st October 2023

Time: 11am - 4pm

Location: The Bog Conservation Area

2485 Bungawalbin Whiporie Road

Gibberagee, NSW 2469

Contact number: (02) 6661 9156

Please RSVP via the NCC Picnic for Nature Portal here: https://www.nature.org.au/gibberagee_picnic_for_nature_2023


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